This is us:
Our vision is to give new life to waste

And used materials in the service of the environment.
Together with our high level of expertise and our quality, we work in partnership with our customers and suppliers and this ultimately ensure the future viability of our customers and of our company.

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About us

A young company with potential

We are a young company founded in October 2020 by the Belgian-Mexican consortium JGI Hydrometal and Zinc Nacional.

We produce Waelz oxide in our rotary kiln plant according to the Waelz process. Waelz oxide is used as a starting material for the extraction of metallic zinc.

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JGI / Zinc Nacional
Tradition &
are combined
Waelz Kiln Process

Waelz Kiln Process

With the help of our high recycling competence we convert wastes in the sense of recycling.

Products & Services

Products & Services

Our services in the field of responsible zinc recycling make us an expert in the field of zinc recycling.



HARZ OXID GMBH operates a regenerative thermal afterburning plant (RTO).

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